Helpful Websites

Wordle– ( The king of word cloud generators generating awesome results with full editing capabilities. Check out the advanced tools for even more capabilities. Want to put words together so they stay together in the cloud, then just put a (~) in between – Example (Fort~Wayne). To have students avoid forums and galleries that may […]


Ready to start having an interactive classroom that opens up doors for students, parents, and teachers? Look no further because you have found the right place! Twitter is a way for our classroom to communicate and find resources for educational guides and powerful tools of collaboration. Link:

Best Student Collaboration Tools.

Popplet: A compact, simple organizational tool for minimalist presentation. Great web-based presentation tool for beginners. Google Hangouts: Communication, learning, and fun coverage in Google’s slick platform. It runs extremely smoothly, works on all device, and can be used in so many ways to enhance interactive learning. Genius: Collaborative tool lets users annotate songs, literature, and […]